Goods Certificates

Reserve Management Corp. is a company dynamically developing on the e-commerce market. The company issues goods certificates, which are used for obtaining goods and services in more than 20,000 Internet shops.

WMZ goods certificate (hereinafter referred to as Certificate) is an electronic document of the WebMoney Transfer system enabling holder to obtain goods and services allocated on the Megastock website.

Certificates are nominated in US dollars and stored by means of the WebMoney transfer system on Z-accounts.

Advantages of Certificates

For users

  • Ability to obtain goods and services without opening a bank account;
  • high level of security provided by WebMoney Transfer;
  • low fees for obtaining Certificates;
  • more than 20,000 Internet shops accepting Certificates for goods and services.

For Internet shops

  • High level of security;
  • all transactions are instant;
  • irrevocable payments, no chargebacks;
  • several millions of clients that use Certificates every day.

If you want to accept certificates please contact us.